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High Purity PTFE/ PFA Products

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - Furon/ASTI PFA and PTFE Pumps, Fittings, Valves, & Tubing.

Fit-LINE - PFA & PVDF Flare Fittings Manifolds, TruFLARE hot Falre tools, TruFASTEN, Torque System for Flare Fittings
Nippon Pillar - PFA Super and S-300 Fittings
Futurestar - PTFE and PFA Flow Control Products
Levitronix - Magnetically Levitated (Bearingless) Centrifugal PTFE Pumps

International Polymer Solutions - PTFE /PFA Fluid Handling Products, DI Spray Guns

RMB Products - PFA Tanks, Custom roto-molding, Roto-lining

White Knight Pumps - PTFE pumps 

Colder Products  -  Quick-Disconnect Couplings

High Purity Stainless Steel Products

Horiba - STEC MFC's, RGA's, Wet Process Monitors, & Particle Size Distribution Analyzers
Mott - High Purity Stainless Steel Filters, Flow Restrictors, BIOPHARM Spargers.
Cardinal - High Purity & C.F.O.S. SS Tubing

Exergy - Heat exchangers, 316L, Hastelloy, Inconel and  Sanitary
Nupure - Gas Purifiers
Precision Sensors - SS Pressure Switches and Flow Devices
AES - EP Services, Small Diameter Specialist

Vacuum Products

V-Line - Fittings, Tubing, Valves, Clamps, & Bellows
BriskHeat  - Reusable Heating Jackets, Heat trace, and Silicone Jackets


ESD / Static Control & Cleanroom Products

Simco-Ion  - Electrostatics Management Solutions, ESD Monitors and Controls
Teknipure - Cleanroom Wipes: Microfiber, Polyester Knit, Sealed Border, Quilted, Non-Woven.
Nexel - SS, Chrome, and Coated Wire Shelving Carts, Storage Units, & Bins.
Lynndale - SS Cleanroom Furniture - Tables, Racks, Benches, & Cloths Storage.

Substrate / Wafer Process Equipment/ Abatement

Process Technology - Wet Process In-Line & Tank Immersion Heaters & Heat Exchangers

Prism Research Glass - Quartz Furnace Tubes and Boats & Pyrex Glass Custom Products
Electronic Container Corp. - Wafer Carriers, Cassettes, WIP Boxes, SMIF Pods, new and used.

Forth-Rite Technologies. - TraceRite, Sense- Rite

RF and impedance based end point detection technology, RF Sensing.




Repair / Refurbishment Services

Nupure - Regeneration services of all models Gas Purifiers.
Electronic Container Corp. - Cleaning & Etching services for wafer cassettes & carriers
Prism Research Glass - Repair of Quartz Furnace Tubes and Boats




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