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About Us

E&S Technologies was incorporated in September of 1986 when Mark Shaneck and Richard Engler joined forces to form E&S Technologies, Inc., a manufacturers' representative offering five product lines catering to the high purity applications of hi-tech processing and manufacturing.

Within a year, E&S added distribution capabilities as well as their first employee. As product lines grew, so did sales and support. E&S acquired the distribution business of Douglas Sales in 1988, and began to expand into a broader marketplace across the east coast. In 1994, E&S opened sales offices in Albany, New York and Allentown, Pennsylvania, and continued to expand in 1995 with the opening of their southeast sales office in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

In 2001, E&S further expanded their product offerings to include Biopharmaceutical Products to help with cycles of the Electronics/Semiconductor market.

In 2004, we continued along our path to growth and servicing our customers by expanding our product lines. In addition, we have invested in an industry leading "on-line" capability to ensure our customers receive "Service with Excellence"

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