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Return Policy

In the event that it is necessity to return articles and the seller agrees, the purchaser shall obtain from the seller a return authorization number and ship the articles back to the seller.   All articles authorized by seller for return are subject to inspection and acceptance upon receipt by the seller.   Articles deemed contaminated or improperly purged shall immediately be returned to purchaser or an authorized hazardous material site for decontamination or disposal at the expense of the purchaser.

All returned articles for credit must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be standard stock articles as listed in the price list in effect at the time of request for return (all non-stock articles, non-standard articles or articles specially calibrated, altered or adjusted are not returnable);
  2. Come back in original, sealed, and undamaged factory packaging;
  3. Must be in re-sellable condition;
  4. Include a packing slip referencing seller’s return authorization number and listing the article numbers, quantities and manufacturing codes;
  5. Request for return authorization must be made within thirty (30) days from the invoice date;
  6. Have a manufacturing design current at the time of return;
  7. Packaged for safe shipment.

Purchaser shall pay all packing and freight charges for returned articles.   Seller reserves the right to deny the acceptance of any articles shipped to seller by purchaser that do not meet the criteria set forth above.   Unaccepted items shall be discarded or returned, at the direction of purchaser or in the absence of such direction, at the discretion of seller.  

Any articles accepted by seller for return for credit shall be subject to a restocking charge to be determined by seller, but in no event, less than twenty five percent (25%) of purchaser’s invoice price.

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