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Sales Team

Jay Conway - Mid-Atlantic
Email: jconway@hipco.com

Jay manages the Mid Atlantic, New Jersey, and Western New York region for Harrington Pure/E&S, Jay came to E&S with many years of sales experiences in the industrial marketplace with  years of Semiconductor and Bio/Pharm industry experience. He operates out of his office in Lafayette Hill, PA. His experience in the Semicon and Bio/Pharm industries provide an excellent platform for him to specify the correct components and equipment for his customer.


John Pirozzi - New York
Email: jpirozzi@hipco.com

John has been managing strategic accounts in New York and New England since 1994 from the Harrington Pure/E&S office in Malta, NY. John brings years of sales experience to Harrington Pure/E&S from his career in sales in the petrochemical industry working for British Petroleum. John's experience provides an excellent foundation to for him to recommend products that meet his customer's applications.


Don Emden - New England
Email: demden@hipco.com

Don began his career in the instrumentation industry prior to his many years as a sales rep in the semiconductor industry. He is responsible for Harrington Pure/E&S OEM and end user sales in the New England market. Don has extensive experience with gas systems components and Flow control products for chemicals; his experience in the instrumentation industry enables Don to match customer applications with an appropriate set of products.

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Ken Stone 
Email: kstone@hipco.com

Ken Comes to Harrington Pure/E&S with many years of experience in marketing and sales of highly engineered “high tech” products. He is currently responsible for New Business development in the Southwest market. Ken's extensive background of working with OEM and end user accounts, enables him to recommend  products that meet customers application needs.


Dave Freedman
Email: dfreedman@hipco.com

David has over 20+ years of sales and marketing experience in the Semiconductor industry plus 10 years of production experience working inside semiconductor fabs. David started his profession career working as an industrial photographer in Santa Clara, CA. This work transitioned into photolithography for semiconductor manufacturing. After 10 years working in the fab as an Engineer/Production trainer and Production Supervisor for photo masks generation and wafer processes, his career elevated to capital equipment sales of photolithographic and thin film deposition systems. David has extensive experience presenting new technologies and products in a wide variety of applications and is centrally located in the state of North Carolina servicing the Southeast region for Harrington Pure/E&S

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Rick Eufer
Email: reufer@hipco.com

Rick manages the southwest region from the Harrington Pure/E&S branch in Austin Texas. Tom Comes to Harrington Pure/ E&S with many years of sales experience in the semiconductor and industrial markets, selling high purity and high-tech engineered products. Rick has many years of experience in the High purity components at the manufacturer’s level which provides a solid foundation for him to assist in proper product selection at both OEM and End user accounts.







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